You’ve heard the expression, “Physician, heal thyself”. Well let me introduce you to our latest video production featuring – ourselves. Online video content is a growing trend and you should be paying attention. Here are some statistics to consider. 25% of Internet users are viewing at least one online video a day (source). It appears that Google knew exactly what it was doing when it purchased YouTube as this platform alone is attracting 160 million unique viewers a month. Online video production and mobile friendly websites go hand in hand. Current mobile device usage for viewing videos online in the United States is over 117 million and projected to reach over 136 million by 2019 (source). Online video content has become a huge source of digital advertising. If you are not advertising your company with digital video content it is most likely a mistake. As of March 2014, close to 40 percent of all video consumption was attributed to video advertising (source).

What can one take away from all of this? For starters, make sure that your website is viable on all mobile platforms – tablets included. Your web design should include aesthetic value but functionality must be paramount. Search engines will penalize your “visibility” score if your website is not mobile ready. If you have not, you need to get involved in producing videos to advertise your products and services. It just so happens that PC House Productions is able to create professional videos to help our client’s websites perform at high capacity in the Digital Age.

As you ponder all of these things I’d like to showoff a bit with our latest company promotion. This is our 20 Year Anniversary Demo Reel! Of course, in High Definition for your viewing pleasure.

Mr. PC – Executive Producer at PC House Productions

At PC House Productions, we focus on websites that work. When we say “websites that work” we mean sites that work specifically for our clients, websites that meet and anticipate their every need. There are plenty of template designs and some very nice templates at that. We have a different philosophy at PC House Productions. Instead of trying to fit our clients into a pre-made template box we start from the ground up. Our designs tell a story. That story is the story of our client. Every client is different. And every client deserves a customized design that showcases them. From their unique image to their philosophy, we take it all into account. Customized website designs coupled with world class programming and you get a PC House Production. No matter what you may dream up or want your website to do, we can do it. From simple functionality to sophisticated customized programming, we’ve done it and we can do it for you.

Here are some of our recent e-commerce solutions:

HawleyFrank Hawley Drag Racing School – This is such a unique business and incredibly awesome! They offer drag racing courses across the country. The e-commerce solution was to create an easily managed product system that adds course dates with limited seating. Once a course date is added, it automatically populates on the website. All created to easily be managed by the client.


MarksMarks Prime Steakhouse – With two stores located in Central Florida, Mark’s Prime has been delivering the most incredible steaks available in Ocala and Gainesville. Being that their menu is completely top shelf, they needed a top shelf website. The e-commerce portion of the site deals primarily with selling Gift Cards. For the Christmas season they offer a special promotion, for every $100 gift card purchase, you get an additional $25. PC House built a custom solution that calculated and handled the promotional item, allowed the buyer to choose whether or not the gift cards were a gift or a combination of a gift and for personal use etc.


GteeG Tee Batting Tees – Simply incredible batting tees made completely in the United States. Actually they are manufactured right here in Ocala, Florida. PC House has programmed different types of promotions for the shopping cart; the site features a dealer locator as well. These tees are featured all over the country in some of America’s greatest sports stores. Children’s leagues to big time professional baseball players are using these tees. As the slogan says, “Your Last Tee”.

PC House Productions creates professional customized websites for clients all over the country. We are happy to discuss your story and then put it into a design that works for you. Contact us today for your free consultation.