There are so many people in need that it can get overwhelming. Helping people has to start somewhere. In every city there are great local charities that are doing just that. Starting somewhere and very successfully. PC House Productions loves to support our local charities. Here are a few videos that we produced to help bring awareness and community sponsorship. If you are able to donate to these organizations it would be wonderful. Ocala-Outreach-Foundation-Print-PNG

Ocala Outreach Foundation is a charity that offers regular cash subsidies to children, vets, elderly and disabled individuals. It is heartbreaking enough to see the devastating diseases and life circumstances that happen to those around us. Ocala Outreach is on a mission to reach out and help pay the power bill, help buy groceries or help with medical expenses. What a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved and help. Please visit Ocala Outreach Foundation’s website for more details.

Interfaith Emergency Services is responsible for helping tens of thousands of people a year. With a food pantry, clothing, shelter and so many other community services. This is a faith based organization achieving incredible success in Marion County Florida. Please visit their website for information about how you can support this organization.

About Interfaith: “Interfaith Emergency Services provides a full range of services and assistance for residents of Marion County. We serve individuals and families in need. Clients are referred to Interfaith by churches, synagogues, and public services agencies. We provide the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and much more to enhance the quality of life for families and individuals. In 2013, Interfaith Emergency Services through outreach and services touched the lives of more than 30,000 people in Marion County.  Interfaith does not discriminate against race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disabilities in hiring practices or provision of services.”

The following is a video is a TV spot that PC House Productions produced for our TV Show The Common Chef. This episode “The Most In “Shane” Meal Eva!” was dedicated to the people who work behind the scenes at Interfaith and for the women’s shelter. What wonderful time.

Thank you to all of those who work to make this community Ocala, Florida so wonderful!

Hi, it’s me – PC from PC House Productions. It has been some time since we’ve contacted all of our friends and clients via our newsletter but there are a lot of exciting things going on over here that needed to be shared.

Our work continues to thrive on multiple types of products and services. We have been providing web based products and multi-media content for two decades. Our 20 year anniversary is fast approaching (June). Over these past years the Internet along with how business is done online has changed dramatically. At PC House Productions we have not only evolved with the digital age but we’ve helped to mold it. We have always focused on pushing the envelope to create the most compelling, functional and successful projects for our customers. Our web products, video production, audio production and search engine optimization skills are in top form, as always. We are capable of doing anything, and I mean “anything” our clients might need when it comes to online business but we have particularly honed the most common and useful client needs in today’s market place. Those would be: custom web development, high caliber video production, S.E.O. and e-commerce solutions.

This newsletter will showcase some of our latest video production. PC House Productions is capable of video production at the highest professional standards. We make them from the ground up. From concept to script to shooting and producing the final product, our team is hands on for our client’s through the whole process. Our creative process includes custom sound design and scoring as well.

Recently, we were honored to work on two very special video projects for Interfaith Emergency Services here in Marion County. Interfaith provides an array of social services to our community. We have had a close relationship with Interfaith both professionally and, myself, personally for many years. The two videos were for a recent fundraising event called “Legacies of Love” and the intent was to showcase community leaders who have truly made a difference in our community in regard to helping those in need.

The first video featured Toni James. She has been a bulwark for social services in our community for over 3 decades. She was the head of Marion County’s United Way for decades. It was a pleasure to create this homage to Toni James.

The second video featured James Kirk. Unfortunately, Mr. Kirk recently passed. It is a true loss for our community here in Marion County. Again, it was an incredible experience for us to have the honor to help Interfaith pay homage to this wonderful man.

Please visit our YouTube channel to see more of our projects. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Mr. PC
Executive Producer