PC House Productions is proud to feature Captain Caliente’s Gourmet Hot Sauce as one of its exciting clients. This hot sauce has been in the works for years. Captain Caliente has been growing delicious gourmet super hot peppers and working on the recipe to ensure that every last drop is flavorful and packed with all of the delicious fresh hot peppers you could want. There are three sauces now with plenty of new products in the works. Beef jerky, seasoning salts and more sauces are being developed at this very moment. The three sauces currently available are as follows.

The Original

This sauce is spicy. It has 10 different peppers. Each chosen specifically for a combined flavor profile that is as unique as The Captain himself. If you like true hot sauce then this is for you. There are no preservatives. Every pepper is freshly picked the day the sauce is created. It can’t get any fresher. There is no water to thin it out. All ingredients are natural and incredible.



This sauce is made from the same peppers as The Original but the peppers are immature. Thus the flavor of the sauce is more mild and it has an incredible amount of Vitamin C as well. Immature super hot peppers have certain vitamins and minerals in much higher doses than the mature peppers. The health benefits found in super hot peppers is actually quite amazing. This sauce is a medium heat. The Captain just can’t do mild. However, the flavor is quite addicting. You simply cannot go wrong with Green-Go.


Super Magnificent Hot Pepper Vinegar

This vinegar is infused with all of the incredible hot peppers found in the other two sauces. It has a delightful heat level. It is the most mild of the three sauces. Perfect for any marinade, any salad dressing or any cooking purpose you might have for vinegar. You simply must try it to believe it.


Video Production

PC House Productions was also pleased to produce the first of many videos on slate for The Captain and this fun project. If you need any type of video production, audio production or creative visuals do not forget about us. We pride ourselves as a top shelf production company. The Captain agrees.

Captain Caliente is owned and distributed by EasyPonix, LLC