PC House Productions is proud to present our latest production. The pilot episode of our original TV show Kung Pao Boom – “The Inspector”. The main character is an Indian man who owns a convenience store/Deli. He is likened to the Indian version of Archie Bunker. PC House Production’s very own Mr. PC was heavily involved in writing, editing and producing the entire episode. It is a timely message as we delve into racial stereotypes. The main message being, “you can’t forget to laugh at yourself, if you do then there is nothing else to laugh about”. Take a light-hearted journey with us in this half hour comedy show.

PC House Productions seeks talent for the second episode. If you know audio engineering, lighting, shooting or anything that would help us produce this delightful 6 episode series please contact us. We also offer product placement opportunities for businesses and products. If you like our marketing style then let us know. We would be happy to include you in an upcoming episode.

Please join our Kung Pao Boom Facebook page and leave feedback. Enjoy the full episode below.